Explaining the Na+/K+ pump to people outside of biology

Animated GIFs can be a lot more than just funny images of polar bears and penguins. In my view they can be real game-changers of science communication. If done correctly they are giving the producer the ideal opportunity to catch an audiences attention while promoting and communicating a scientific topic.

The goal of this workshop is to equip participants with the tools and skills to use GIFs efficiently and in different ways for science communication. Interested in taking part with your team or as an individual? Just let us know and we will work something out. Additionally, starting next year some workshop dates will be promoted in the news section of this homepage.

Want to have a look what the workshop is all about? Check out the reactions and summaries from the ScienceComm’17 in Solothurn and the Forum Wissenschaftskommunikation in Braunschweig, were we have previously done the workshop.

(*The GIF above visualises the sodium-potassium pump, an enzyme that is important for the cell physiology, with the help of Drake dancing his “Hotline Bling” Sourceraneff via reddit.)


gif for Helmholtz Association

A GIF of a GIF. Twitter allows to embed your own gifs. Here an example of a teaser made for the Helmholtz Association