Venice Lagoon - Coastscapes Imaginaries
Look inside the book. Thomas C.G. Bosch

Starting in 2016 I worked as an artistic researcher with “The Future Ocean”-Cluster of Excellence and the Muthesius University of Fine Arts & Design to foster stronger research collaborations between artists, artistic researchers and scientists. I am thrilled to have been part of giving shape to new structural approaches and methodological initiatives, which will accompany the artistic-scientific work of “The Future Ocean”.


Image: Teresa Döge & Björn Schmidt
Chapter by Life Scientist Thomas C.G. Bosch about "Augmenting the Life Sciences with Contributions From the Arts", Image: Teresa Döge & Björn Schmidt

As part of the collaboration I edited the publication Sensing the Ocean – A Collaboration Between Art, Design & Science in which the involved professors look back at the past ten years of their service oriented projects between the research cluster and the university. More on the book release can be found here.


(c) Johanna Barnbeck
"Coastscapes Imaginaries". An artistic-scientific research project with Prof. Dr. Silja Klepp, Prof. Dr. Nassos Vasfeidis & artist Jolan Kieschke on Socio-Economic Implications of Coastal Management in Venice Lagoon

Another part of my work with the cluster was to set up a concept for sustainable artistic-scientific research collaborations, which give space to broader artistic research endeavors within the Cluster of Excellence. For this goal I worked with fellow artist researcher Jolan Kieschke, Spatial Strategies Prof. Manfred Schulz, and in coordination with the speaker of the Cluster of Excellence Martin Visbeck as well as the president of the Muthesius University Arne Zerbst.


The president of the Muthesius University Dr. Arne Zerbst (second left) and the conference organisers Prof. Dr. Christiane Kruse (right), Prof. Dr. Kerstin Abrahams (left) & Johanna Barnbeck (second right)

Furthermore, I organised the Symposium “How We Do Research” on artistic research and the practice-based PhD, which allows more research oriented art projects and meaningful collaborations with other researchers and scientists in collaboration with the initiators Prof. Christiane Kruse and Prof. Kerstin Abrahams.

Panel Discussion at the Symposium "How We Do Research"

The symposium is of special relevance for the interdisciplinary approach and the innovative strategy of the cluster as it fosters the exchange and collaboration between methods from the fields of arts and science. Another key part for the success of the project is the reflection about the differences and similarities of the two disciplines which I moderated.

While the strategic work with the cluster has ended for now, the general demand for guidance in artistic-scientific collaborations shows the increasing importance of this kind of interdisciplinary research in the future.


Shaping Artistic-Scientific Research Collaborations


The Future Ocean Cluster of Excellence / Muthesius University of Fine Arts & Design


Book, Workshops, Symposiums, Concept Development

Target Audience:

Academic Staff & Members of the Cluster of Excellence, Expert Audience Arts & Sciences, as well as Art Students

By the way:

The program for the symposium can be found here.

I worked in close collaboration with fellow artistic researcher Jolan Kieschke, who also did the production work for the book. We represented the cluster at various conferences.

The book was designed by Teresa Döge and Björn Schmidt, it is available here. Due to their meticulous design, the book has been shortlisted by Stiftung Buchkunst for the “Die schönsten deutschen Bücher 2017”-Award (An award for the most beautiful books).