Science films, photography, installations, multimedia, research – in formal terms my work is diverse. What connects the different projects is the synergy of science and art. Science is fascinating. But how do we communicate scientific content in a thrilling, yet scientifically sound way? It’s a balancing act but also an exciting field which helps institutions connect better with their audiences. This is my area of expertise and I can work with you to creatively communicate your research, in a special and memorable way. 

Johanna Barnbeck

As a trained academic, I can slip into the skin of the researchers. As a multimedia specialist, I am attracted by the manifold possibilities of modern communication. I speak both languages – the language of science and the language of art. I specialise in film-making and multi-media projects. I develop and manage these projects with clients and I share my work with others at conferences and through publications. My world includes theory and practise. I am fascinated by projects which ask questions, and also ones which answer them whilst raising new questions which further stimulate the artistic-scientific research process. >>




New Network: Spread the Nerd. I founded an agency that is dedicated to innovative science communication and format development. Get to know the team and idea behind it >>>

New Project: Categories to Come. My current artistic research project is joining forces with Citizen Science. Help research and record a diverse sexual vocabulary >>>

Fast Forward Science Film Awards 2019. Like the past years, I have been asked to join the jury for awarding the best science films 2019  >>>

Talks and Workshops. I am frequently invited as speaker or trainer to share my expertise on topics such as visual and strategic science communication and artistic research. >>>

For re:publica 2018 we invented KIBA. The interactive installation will be on display at the Science Year 2018. The Federal Minister of Education and Research has visited us >>>

Award & Shortlist: The book A Collaboration between Art, Design & Science which I have been working on has been awarded by the Type Directors Club and shortlisted by the Stiftung Buchkunst. It is a result of a collaboration between a research cluster and an art university. >>>

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